Hi Dave,
Thank you for the suggestions.  I understand the problem a little better but I am still stuck.  Here is why:
I checked all of my libc.a for any “gcvt” references and none were found for gcvt.a.
You use build_arm_nofpu whereas I’ve tried build_arm and build_i386.  Which option for “TARGET ARCHITECTURE VARIANT” do you use in the Buildroot configuration menu do you use to get “nofpu”?
All of my uClibc_config.h files (for both target types listed above) have __UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY__ set to “1”.  They also have #undef associated with them so I am a bit confused on this #define __UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY__.
Here are all my pieces of H/W and S/W I am using:
My hardware is the Verdex XM4-bt and the Console-VX.
From “make menuconfig”
Target Architecture (ARM)
Target Architecture Variant (generic_arm)
Target ABI (OABI)
Build Options (I did not change this, whatever the defaults are)
Toolchain Type à
            Toolchain Type (Buildroot tool chain)
            Source Location (Use default source for toolchain)
Toolchain Options à
·        Thread Library Debugging
·        Enable Toolchain with –sysroot support
·        C++ cross-compiler support
·        Build/Install C++ compiler and libstdc++
·        Build/Install a shared libgcc
·        Build gdb debugger for the target
·        Build gdb server for the target
·        Build gdb for the Host
o       GDB debugger Version (gdb 6.6)
·        Enable Large file (file > 2GB) Support
·        Include Target utils in cross toolchain
Package Selection For the Target à
·        Busybox (Busybox 1.6.1)
·        Install symlinks for Busybox applets
·        Networking
·        Hardware handling/block devices
·        Audio libraries and applications
·        Graphic libraries and applications
·        Compresss/Decompressors
·        Interpreter Languages/Scripting
Target Options à
·        ext2 root system
·        Make all files be owned by root
Rest is all default – I did not change anything.

Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Anthony,

On 9/13/07, Anthony DiRenzo wrote:
> I am porting legacy software into the Gumstix environment. One of the
> libraries that the code uses is from stdlib.h. It is the gcvt() function
> which converts a number to a string – kind of like atoi() or atod() in
> reverse.
> I included the path in my –I path to the stdlib.h in my ARM file structure
> but I keep getting compilation errors.

Compilation error? Or linker error?

If things are configured properly (I checked in build 1513), then the
macro __UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY__ should be set to 1 in
build_arm_nofpu/staging_dir/include/bits/uClibc_config.h, which should
cause the gcvt prototype to be available from stdlib.h.

The gcvt function itself can be found in the runtime library itself
(so you shouldn't need any additional options to include it).

You can do these steps to verify:

cd gumstix-buildroot/buildarm_nofpu/staging_dir/lib
../bin/arm-linux-nm libc.a | grep gcvt.a

and you should see something like the following printed:

00000000 T gcvt

The 'T' tells me that the function is included in libc.a

Perhaps you can show us the actual error that you're seeing so we can
help better.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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