I spent some time trying to get my WiFi and system size problems
resolved without success. So I tried the latest revision 1578 and
couldn't get that to work with WiFi. There is some confusion
with mwlan0 and wlan0, but it didn't matter much to me as
neither one worked.
I went back to revision 1541 and that with the default configuration
of buildroot worked fine as soon as I had set up /etc/network/interfaces
and left about 6.2M free flash space.
So I have resolved my immediate issue, but this leaves two new issues.
1) How do I find out which revisions are the "good" i.e. stable ones?
Obviously 1578 has "issues" and 1541 is at least somewhat stable, but is there
a stable version between 1541 and 1578?
2) Apart from trial-and-error is there a way to determine which of the options
in the buildroot configuration are necessary for a functioning system with WiFi
and which are just "nice to have"?

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!

John Cummins

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