Hi Dave,

Thanks for the links, they are really useful; so far I think I'll go with a 1-wire setup for my sensoring needs. Have you tried hobby-boards' RS232 or USB 1-wire adaptors with gumstix?

What do you think about the verdex+robostix+netpro setup? One of the reasons I wanted to have a Verdex COM is that the Overo does not have the equivalent of a robostix board yet, something that will come in handy when it comes to controlling things (via a futurlec 4 or 8 relay board). My only concern so far is that I'll need at least two RS232 ports (one for interfacing with the alarm system, and possibly another towards the 1-wire network) and the robostix at the same time. With both the console-vx and the robostix having 60 pin connectors, how do I fit this together?


This site has a bunch of 1-wire based stuff (mostly related to weather)
but it includes a bunch of home automation stuff.

http://www.futurlec.com/ has a bunch of boards for interfacing. If you
look under the "Interface Boards" section they have a bunch of boards
for interfacing to a variety of things.

Sparkfun <http://www.sparkfun.com/> has quite a few sensors. You
really have to look at each thing to interface and figure out how to
control it.

For example, my irrigation system uses 24 VAC to control the
actuators. You could use a relay. I'm going to use a triac.