I work with overo for some time and would like to switch to duovero.

I have looked in the documentation to see how to get started, which branch to checkout and how to create the image since there is no nand on the COM.

with the overo COM, I used the documentation found here : http://gumstix.org/software-development/open-embedded/61-using-the-open-embedded-build-system.html to create my environment.  I have found nothing for the duovero.

I found that the kernel to use is the 3.6, and found that we now need to use the yocto project ?!  No more open embedded ?

With open embedded it was possible to compile on the gumstix, is it possible with the duovero ?

So, here are my questions :

1. is there any documentation to get started with the duovero ?
2. is it possible to compile on the duovero COM ?

Thank you :-)