I am still having problems with this.

I added the .patch extension to both the RT and the 3.0.36 patches, but both are rejected in bitbake with a 3.0.0 kernel base. When I manually patch the kernel during a non-bitbake compile, the patches are accepted, but I get errors later when I make the modules.

I have also tried applying all the patches between 3.0.0 and 3.0.36 in order, since the kernel is 3.0.0 and I want it to be 3.0.36. There only appears to be patches starting from 3.0.5, so I applied 3.0.5, 3.0.6 ... 3.0.36. When I do this both manually and with bitbake, patch 3.0.5 is accepted, and the rest reject. Am I missing something?

Why aren't my patches being accepted in bitbake? And can I directly apply the 3.0.36 patch to a 3.0.0 kernel?


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Oh, ok. The RT patch actually did come with a patch extension, but it was rejected when I kept the extension. Removing it removed that error, but now that you mention it, it probably just wasn't applying it.

This leads to another question: My kernel is 3.0.0, the patch is for 3.0.36, and the patch is probably being rejected because of this. How can I change my bitbake environment to build a 3.0.36 kernel instead? Just changing PREFERRED_VERSION in distro.conf doesn't seem to work.

Thanks so much!

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Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] Problems patching the kernel with bitbake

Try giving your patch a .patch extension.

Not every file in that SRC_URI list is a patch file or treated as such.

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