Hi Frank,

If you can guarantee that it wasn't the ESD bag, I'd like to see the AC/XF analysis you performed on the material.  When you power up a Gumstix there's a LOT more than DC going on there.  That 200MHz or 400MHz clocked digital activity acts more like analog/RF than near-DC steady-state digital; good old capacitive coupling (through the bag) lets the transients get everywhere.

Remember also that that chip-pins and board-trace are a good deal closer than an inch.  Place your probes 0.1" apart, parallel and length-wise (so the length of the probe is in contact with the bag, not just the tip), and measure the resistance.  It still won't tell you how the material will behave w.r.t. AC signals (that frequency transfer function), but at least it'll be a more accurate DC model.


On 10/3/05, Frank <frannk_m1@yahoo.com> wrote:
I cand guarantee you it wasn't the esd bag as they are called.
The resistance is almost immeasurable. If you don't belive me.
take an ohm meter, put the probes about an inch apart and
measure the resistance, It will approach infinity..

--- "Michael M. Butler" <mmbutler@gmail.com> wrote:

> Tom:
> There's a *faint hope* that the conductivity of the bags was
> low enough that
> no permanent damage has been done. Try removing the shipping
> bag plastic
> sheets, substitute paper as someone suggested, check that your
> connector
> mating is good and connect commo and power again.
> It *might* revive. But I'm not guaranteeing anything.
> Sometimes we pay
> tuition for our education... :\ :)
> Mike
> >
> > To make a long story short, you basically did the equivalent
> of shoving a
> > piece of aluminum foil between the boards and turned on the
> power. Not a
> > healthy thing to do to electronics.
> >
> > Good thing these boards are inexpensive, eh? ;-)
> >
> > Andrew.
> >
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> >
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