Hi Doug,

What actually triggered this question (besides my own tracking of issues at http://www.greensupplyline.com/) was that a local shop has started carrying a selection of RoHS-compliant harddrives:


It's already reaching the general public in some products!


On 9/29/05, Doug Sutherland <doug@proficio.ca> wrote:
Hi Andrew, this RoHS issue is interesting. Some pilot tests on this end
have shown relative ease of transition to RoHS compliance. Most SMT can
be done with the same equipment, just different solder and higher temp.
Assuming you can find RoHS compliant parts hehe. The PXA270 at digikey
right now contains lead and is not RoHS compliant. But from what I see
going on, everyone is going down this road, not just europe. So Intel
has no choice but provide compliant parts. Some trickier things may not
be the electrical components, because those will be well documented for
RoHS compliance, but rather mechanical and other components, example
does your plastic enclosure use fire retardant that contains chemicals
resitricted by RoHS ...

  -- Doug

Andrew Plumb wrote:

> Hi Craig,
> Has any thought been given to releasing a RoHS-compliant Gumstix, if
> it isn't already?
> Andrew.

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