Have you tried building and installing a gumstix-basic-image and then using  'ipkg' to install any additional packages you want/need?   It downloads prebuilt components from gumstix.net in a similar fashion to a rpm(red hat) or dpkg(debian) repository.

I think you need to make your own 'image' type once you have those packages added.  I think that can be done by either copying or extending one of the existing XXXX-image.bb files.  Will be working on the 'nuts and bolts' of that myself, but am slogging through various 'cmake' issues for something else at the moment. 

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Subject: [Gumstix-users] Another OE how-to question

Ok, I successfully completed an unmodifed Gumstix OE build (307). But
now I want to make some mod's to several packages and then build a whole
filesytem/image with my changes in it.

I have created myself a "user.collection" dir., I have copied various
packages from the "org...." and "com...." dir's into it, and I have made
my desired mods to the those packages.

So can someone please tell me how to do a new build that will
incorporate my changes into a new filesystem/image?  So far the only way
I have found to do this successfully was to blow away "tmp" and build
from scratch and that sucks.


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