Hi doubleg.
For the fist option that I think is the easiest and faster you go into the terminal and type:
$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server
This will install the ssh server Rob wrote about.
This will able you the Overo terminal into another computer oin the same network (or internet if configured)

So when installed, go to the terminal in the other machine and type:

USERNAME = the user of your overo, and ADDRESS= the overo IP address.

Example: In my case, I type:
$ ssh alex@

After this command you will be prompt to type the user's password. 
Done. you have the accs of the overo's terminal.

Hope I could help.

On 15/10/2011, at 15:47, doubleg wrote:

Rob Farrell wrote:

You can use ssh to get terminal access.  
You also can add vnc to qt apps in the console configuration without X11

Thank you Rob for the reply.  Both of these sound promising, but I'm still
pretty green with all of this and really don't know where to start with
either suggestion.

Can you provide any details or links that might point me in the right
direction?  Thanks.

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