I have just received my Palo43 and Overo Air and would like to communicate using the serial ports as well. So I am interested in helping you resolve your problem. But I first need to get to connect my cables to the correct holes on the Palo.
Can you tell me what the voltage levels are on the Palo's serial ports? Also, I notice there are 2 pairs of TXD/RXD connectors. Are you using one of these?

On 23 May 2009, at 05:07, gumstix-users-request@lists.sourceforge.net wrote:

I am trying to use the serial connectors on the Palo43 board (with an Overo Earth) to read from a serial radio device.  Currently, I am just trying to debug it with a shell script by looking at the raw output using 

agetty 19200 ttyS0   # this is the correct baud rate
cat /dev/ttyS0

The output I get is garbled - it drops every 2nd or third letter in the output, but most of those that are displayed look to be correct.
For example, what should be

   "Ready to send and receive data over the UART"


   "Rady  snd and v daa v h RT"

Note that this mangling is consistent - it always drops the same letters in that line.  I suspect that this is because the other serial port settings are not correct (it should be 8N1, flow control off.  Does anybody know if there is a way to set these attributes in a device node from the command line?  Or do I have to do it in a more official program with a proper open() command?

I normally use setserial. But I tried on my Overo linux that came with the hardware, it does not seem to be part of the build.

And also regarding the serial outputs on the Palo43, it looks like one of them is shared with the usb console.  Is this right?  Can I use that to receive serial input if I disable the console?  Or is there another way to connect two serial devices (Besides using a USB master and a serial-to-USB bridge)?

I am having difficulty getting proper specs on the Palo43, but from the index printed on the board (on the right), it appears as though there might be 2 serial ports for use. (TXD/RXD1 and TXD/RXD3/CTS3...etc )