Since it looks like you are using systemd, it can provide data on what is taking the time:

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"Paul D. DeRocco" <> wrote:
I built a system based on gumstix-xfce-image with a bunch of extra Python
packages (based on the repos as of July 2). The first bootup hung for so
long I thought it was crashed, but it came back to life after TEN MINUTES,
and finished booting up. When I shut it down from the GUI, it hung at a
particular point for over a minute and a half, but eventually woke up and
finished the shutdown.

Subsequent power-ups boot normally, but the shutdowns still include a long
pause. I'm curious about that first super-long bootup--that's not the first
time I've seen it. Does anyone know what's that about? And is that something
that "normally" happens exactly once, or do I have to worry that it may
happen again at random? The last boot messages before the pause (logged by a
terminal program connected to /dev/ttyO2) were

[ OK ] Reached target Sound Card.
[ 16.087158] libertas_sdio mmc1:0001:1: (unregistered net_device):
00:19:88:24:88:7e, fw 9.70.3p36, cap 0x00000303
[ 16.112518] libertas_sdio mmc1:0001:1: wlan0: Marvell WLAN 802.11 adapter

and the first messages ten minutes later were

[ OK ] Started Run pending postinsts.
[ OK ] Reached target System Initialization.

And does anyone know how to fix the minute-and-a-half shutdown? The boot
messages (logged by a terminal program connected to /dev/ttyO2) pause

[ OK ] Stopped target Remote File Systems.


[ OK ] Stopped Network Manager.

I really need to fix that, since that doesn't seem to be a one-off event.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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