Thanks Kimberly, I’ll order one and give it a try.


Do you know if there are any diagrams available that explain how to connect a battery to the various different expansion boards? I have a Tobi board and a Pinto-TH, the Pinto has markings on the board for power but I can’t see anything on the Tobi, it appears to be similar to the Summit (just with an Ethernet port as well) how do you connect your battery to the Summit board?


I think I also saw someone mention that you could directly connect a battery to the Gumstix board itself, have you tried that? I cannot see where you could connect a battery to it either, any ideas?


Your help is really appreciated.






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Hi Ben - 


I have not done exhaustive testing, but after the responses I got to my battery questions, I grabbed a 3.7V LiPo battery from a broken Nokia cellphone and attached it to my circuit - it has been working very well for repeated re-boots and staying on for fairly long periods of time.  I even power a few small MEMS sensors off of the expansion board regulators, and these are on during boot, but do not cause a current over-draw.  I am not aware of any reason why any LiPo battery supplying 3.7V wouldn't do the trick.  And this one would certainly be easier to attach to your circuit than my hacked together solution, although you will probably have to purchase their recharger as well.


There is no problem with using more than 3.7V.  5.5V is the limit for C43 on the current summit board (I haven't looked into other expansion board designs, but I understand most are similar in this respect.)  If you want to supply more than that, take a look at Bernhard's solution of removing C43, although I chose not to try it myself.


Good luck!



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I have seen the recent battery discussions on the list and wondered whether this Li-Ion pack would be suitable to power an Overo Air:


I saw reference to the Overo requiring 3.7v and this pack provides 3.7v exactly. Is using something that supplies exactly 3.7v unadvisable, does the Overo ever temporarily require slightly more than 3.7v (say during boot)?






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