Hi Scott,


> I saw your comment about unidirectional GPIO on the OMAP (thanks).   

You are welcome. J


> I searched through the OMAP data sheet, and only found one unidirectional GPIO on J4, none on J1

> (I didn’t look at J5 because we’re not using it).   That pin is GPIO_114 and it is INPUT only.   

It has been a while since I checked the Overo pinout, but as far as I recall I think I came to the same conclusion – There is a couple of pins on J5 as well as far as I recall J


> On the Overo connector pinout, they label this as GPIO114_SPI1_NIRQ.    Do you know what the SPI_NIRQ function is doing?    

Nothing special. I think GumStix use it on one of the development boards as the interrupt request line for a SPI touch screen controller. As such it’s just a normal input GPI not technically related to SPI in anyway.


> Also, do you know if the mode number of each pin can be modified individually?

You are correct - The mode number can be changed individually for each pin. Though take care not to connect the same input signal to multiple pins, since this can cause unforeseen issues and might cause damage to the chip.


Best regards – Good luck – Don’t hesitate to get back in case of further questions




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