i have a general question about shopping gumstix. I searched through the website and online shop of gumstix.com.
I found a lot of broken links, also i wish i could get a few bigger pictures of the expansions boards, to see which connectors are available in detail and how they look like.
Where have you bought your gumstix ? Over this webshop ? Do you know shipping costs to Germany ? According the website (at least pages in German): "Please fill in info about shipping here" - so i can enter 0 Euros here ? Don't think so...
Is the hirose adapter a very small adapter (pin to pin distance ?) or is there something to adapt it to a 2,54 mm pcb ? Has one of the expansion board a full or at least partial access to pin of the hirose ?
According the bluetooth functionality: What can i do with it ? What profiles are supported out of the box with gumstix ? I think there is no GUI on top, because of missing VGA card, so only text based input/output. Is entering a PIN possible, to get encrypted links ? Any support for FTP as server, so i can reach the gumstix from my PC ? The serial port - what is connected to the serial port ? Is there a console attached ? Or must i connect it myself ?
Another last question: Power consumption. What is the needed current in idle mode and under full performance (e.g. there was a calculation with FFT the last days on this mailing list). How much mA is needed for driving it ?
Regards and many thanks for answers,