First of all. Don’t feel bad about asking dumb questions on this list.

I’ve already broken that ground for you when it comes to linux questions J


As to your question: I believe that what you need is something as simple as a potentiometer

to make sure that your analog input signal does not go above 2.5V (clip). If you want to get

REALLY fancy you can implement an AGC or Limiter circuit. I believe Maxim and Analog devices

carry several parts in various form factors that will do the job …


Good luck




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From: Chris Coulter []
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 9:38 AM
Subject: [Gumstix-users] Gumstix Overo Air using 2.5V ADC Pins?‏


My question is regarding the use of the ADC pins on the Overo Air COM.
I plan on using the Sparkfun IMU Analog Combo Board Razor - 6DOF Ultra-Thin IMU and basically connect this to the ADC lines of the Overo Air COM.
However, because the ADC lines connect to the TPS65950 it says they have a limited input votage of 2.5V.
Does this mean that because the IMU runs at 3.3V that I will need to use a logic level shifter to ensure that the signals are below 2.5V? Hope this isn't a silly question.
Thanks in advance for any help.



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