Hi there,


I am adding a third Ethernet controller to the EM Bus on my Gumstix Overo Fire... Basically, I’m making a base board which is like a Tobi Duo, but with 3 Ethernet ports (let’s not call it a Tobi Tri for copyright reasons ;) )


I’m going to use the EM bus (16 data, 10 address lines)

I’m going to use EM Bus Chip Select 4 pin

I’m going to use one of the available GPIO pins as an interrupt


Q1) I don’t think I need to connect anything else to the Gumstix, do I?

Q2) I have to configure the pins I use for the CS and INT in the boot source, but do I have to do anything else to tell the OS that there’s a third device? I.e. will it probe the bus automatically?

Q3) Is there any restriction on which GPIO pin I use for the third Ethernet’s Interrupt? (As long as it’s not in use for anything else)


Thanks very much,