The Gumstix site indicates :


Gumstix does not publish or license the schematic of any Gumstix computer-on-module (COM).


I just wonder if I didn’t do a big mistake buying this module, because of the lack of hadware description:


What  GPIO lines are used within the COM module?

How are COM module I/O lines connected?

How are the COM module interconnected?


Plenty of question that are stated as WILL NOT BE DOCUMENTED.


If this is true, then this is a serious NO GO for designing any custom expansion board.



how to adapt/design a proper driver for the BT and the WIFI module of the OVERO FIRE Board?

How is adapted the microphone in line?

How is handle the microphone bias signal ?

Are the reference design of TI chip followed exactly, if not what are the significant differences


These are basic documentation part that should be provided by Gumstix, as otherwise, this is designing an OS for a black box.


I would appreciate if anyone can help on this.


Best regards,

François Léger