I realized this display would not work with the Breakout –VX board. It has a bus interface with Rd and WR signals.


I am looking for small displays that have RGB inputs that I can connect to L_FCLK , L_LCLK and P_CLK


From other posts it looks like I connect display that have HSYNC and VSYNC inputs









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It looks like it has a parallel interface? If that's brought out to pins, then you should be able to drive it using the Linux framebuffer.


On 8/24/07, Gerald Mullin <gmullin@infrascanner.com> wrote:



I need to drive a small color LCD.


I found the Microtips 2.2 inch LCD with HX8346 driver chip.


This would be perfect for our application.



Would the software driver be available for the Gumstix Verdex ?





Gerald Mullin



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