Seagull-1.7.0 released

- New functionality:
NEW: Extend remote control
NEW: Add log user level
NEW: Modify seagull behavior on pause
NEW: Extend correlation feature with open id
NEW: Extend IncVarAction action
NEW: Add verdict level
NEW: Seagull return codes upon exit

- Bugs fixed:
FIX: Core dump due to a memory overflow
FIX: Fix error in Poisson distribution library
FIX: Remove restriction: default scenario must have two commands
FIX: Memory overflow for L_Path
FIX: Memory Leak
FIX: Coredump in configuration parameters
FIX: Compile warning in hpux
FIX: Memory leak in Multi-channel mode

(SVN sub-version 330)

Posted by Bruno Guerin 2008-01-09