VSFilter won't let WMPlayer12 play WVC-...

  • Arun Ghanta
    Arun Ghanta

    I have CoreAVC H264 Decoder, XVid and VSFilter installed in my system running on Win7 32Bit. I have a collection of MKVs all encoded in AVC H264/x264 and few movies ecoded in WVC1. I use Windows Media Player 12, default player with Win7 and MCE with YAMMM for Media Metadata management. All works just great. Not  too many codecs, so keeps system fresh always too. But the WVC1 ecoded MKV files won't play with any subtitle included in or with it. As soon as the VSFilter is uninstalled or subtitle is removed (if embedded) or moved to a different directory the file plays just fine and dandy.

    Why any idea..?! Please help!!