#181 Media player crashes, no error generated.


The media player has worked well for me for over a
year. The other day the media player simply quit
working literally from one file to the next. These
files had the mkv extention. The player worked fine
for the first serval files, then upon attempting to
start the 5th (I think) the player generated an
abnormal amount of hard disk activity and crashed
with no error outside of the almost useless microsoft
debug info. At this point I should mention that there
was absolutely no changes made to the system except
for antivirus updates for the past week. I decided to
review my setting in the players option menu and
found everything normal except for the output
configuration screen. Whenever I try to go to this
screen the player immediately crashes, again with
only MS debugging junk. I have tried running the
lastest version on the player ( and the
oldest version (3.5.2) I could find. I also
uninstalled my codec pack (gordian knot 1.9) and
reinstalling it. I also downloaded the DX9feb2006
redistributable file and updated my version of Direct
X to see if this was the problem. None of these steps
has had any effect. It will not play any file of any
type. Do you have any idea what the problem might be
or additional steps that I could take to try to
isolate the problem? My source forge alias is


  • klei

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    Matroska (mkv) files and MPC renderer settings. Maybe you
    intsalled Haali's Video Renderer and checked it in in MPC,
    then you uninstalled the Haali renderer... try to set in the
    store settings in INI files. Or I don't know. MPC crashes
    with other media files too (after the first case) - mkv,
    avi, mp3, mov, ogm

    Please paste in the MS debug info... maybe we will get a
    module name or something out of it.

  • klei

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  • knmnzl

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    Sorry about being so long before responding. This problem
    occured on a laptop that I have sent to a friend for
    repairs (the DC power connector was loose and the computer
    could no loger get power from a wall socket and my friend
    is MUCH better at soldering than me. But he is taking
    forever to get to it, other paying work keeps bumping it
    back, so I do not have it right now.

    At the time of failure I had not changed my codecs. I was
    using a version of gordian knot. After the failure I did
    uninstall that version and install the lastest version with
    no difference. When I get my laptop back I will paste the
    debug info into this site. Also I am using windows XP pro
    sp2 on this system. I forgot to mention that in the initial
    post. (I would use a different OS but I can find drivers
    that work with it for a unix/linux solution and I can't
    make them myself.

  • knmnzl

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