#484 Visual ticker for audio sync


I envisage an easy mechanism for adjusting the audio
delay to be perfectly in sync with the video as follows:

1) A very brief audible tick overlayed on the audio
once per second

2) A graphic overlayed on the video, across almost the
width of the width of the window, comprising
2a) a horizontal bar
2b) tick marks along the bar using a logarithmic scale,
marking out 10ms spacing
2c) tick marks labeled every 50ms or 100ms
2c) 'zero' in the middle, -500ms at the left extreme,
+500ms at the right extreme (so -100ms to +100ms is
about one third the window width

3) A moving thin vertical line, sweeping the graphic
once per second, starting at the right hand side,
hitting the supposed middle (if audio were perfectly in
sync) at the precice moment the 'tick' is sent to the
audio stream

This would allow the user to watch the screen for a few
seconds, note where the vertical bar is when they hear
the tick, and adjust the audio delay up or down by the
position along the horizontal bar at the point the tick
is heard.

This is usually an occasional problem, but with the
purchase of a buffered wifi Dolby Digital audio bridge,
has become a bit of a pain for me...

It would also allow users to analyse when the audio
seems to be drifting back-and-forth against the video.