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#481 Media Player Classic Spdif Key bind


Hello, I am new to asking to see if the coders can
include a feature in media player classic,

i currently use MPC to play everything i love it..

I seem to always have issues with using spdif out on my
reciever, I end up selecting deocde to spdif, then
playing my dvd/divx/ac3 content. On my reciever the
speaker lights light up in according to what content
its recieving over digital coax DD 2.0 - 2 lights come
on, as the dvd plays it switches to 5.1 when the main
movie plays the error arises when i press pause, as the
5.1 stream has stopped the lights default back to
prologic when i press play again they stay that way and
i hear no audio, so i end up having to go back into
options selecting decode to speakers then changing it
back to spdif.

So my question/feature request is to somehow either
have a option that auto maticly does that on play is to
quickly switch to speakers then back to 5.1 or someway
of implimenting this...



  • StavrosD

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    While playing a video with AC3 or DTS, right click on the video, select filters and there should be the ac3 decoder filter or something like that.
    It should have the option "send to SPDIF"
    You should also have the sound card's spdif option turned on.
    If you use the on-board digital out, you should read the motherboard's manual. In my case (DFI Lanparty SLI-D) I shoulde move a jumper to enable the realtek SPDIF, because the NF4 SPDIF is known for not working.