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#129 WISHLIST: Polygonize, PL autohide, etc.


I love MPC & VSFilter.

I have only 4 wishes before I think the software is

1. Bring back Polygonize.
I still use Dvobsub 2.23 due to it being the latest version
to have it. I know you had to rewrite when you moved
to vsfilter.dll, but I would so love it back.

2. Playlist autohide
The playlist is great, and it is great that the player
remembers whether or not it's enabled.
Still missing is a), the player needs to remember the last
placement of the playlist (e.g. left, top, bottom, right or
floating), and b), the playlist needs to autohide along
with the menu bar when in fullscreen.

3. Option to 'jump' a custom amount of time in playback
Not framestepping or something like that... a button,
that when clicked, jumps a custom, pre-defined amount
of time (say 5 minutes) forward -- NOT stopping
playback, but just jumping forward in time.

4. Display total playlist time
In the black area of the bottom menu, (status area), it
shows current time / total time of played file. What
would be great, would be that it showed current time /
total time / total playlist time!

If you fix these options, I would be eternally grateful. I
imagine some of them are fairly easy. My biggest wish, is
still Polygonize, though.