Screen capture resolution problems.

  • Anna

    I'm a new user of MPC, and use it mainly for screen captures. At first this program worked very well for me, but now I'm experiencing some major problems with my saved images. For some reason they come out all disproportioned and stretched, and I have tried all possible options under Video Fram, Pan & Scan and Options -> Output. I found a help request here concerning the same problem, ( but the suggested solution there did obviously not help me.

    When I took screencaps earlier, they came out in a 853 x 480 x 24 BPP format, but now, for some reason, they insist on coming out as 720 x 480 x 24 BPP. This isn't really a surprise, as I can see this ( in my MPC information bar.

    Sigh. How do I fix this? I've been pulling my hair out in frustration for hours now, so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

    • StuartH

      From your statement, I gather your video isn't 720x480 then?

      What resolution is the video then?

      MPC puts out whatever it's given.