Filters & MP3 Codec - EXPERT HELP needed

  • lord_dre

    Hi folks,

    Can you please tell me how to select/use "FFD Show audio" in MPC while playing Avi's with mpeg3 audio?

    Here is my filter list while playing Stereo Avi's :

    SB Audigy Audio
    Video Mixing Render 9
    MPEG Layer-3 Decoder  --------------------> I'm talking about this
    ffd show Video Decoder
    Avi Splitter

    As you see there is always that MPEG Layer-3 Decoder when i try to play Stereo  Avi's.
    But i've changed internal filter options & I can use FFD Show Audio in Surround Avi'si like 5.1 AC3 etc.
    No problem with surround files, i've deselected internal filters & ffd works with ac3.

    But with Stereo Audio movies I can't change that order, always Default MP3 decodes.

    Thank you very much