MPC - Disable Screen Power Down?

  • vaderag

    I'm using MPC, and previously I'm sure it used to prevent my screen from turning off and going into power saving mode.
    I've just upgraded to Vista x64 and now it doesnt - my screen turns off after 15mins of watching something.
    I don't want to disable this fully - everything else copes with it fine - and i dont want to ditch MPC!

    Can someone please help!?

    • Wagg

      What you mean is that you downgraded to Vista.  I suggest upgrading to XP.  I couldn't even get some multi-language software to install on Vista at all, but have no problems doing it with XP.  I'm using MPC on XP and MPC does not go to screen- or power-saver when playing video in *full screen*.  Are you in full screen (Alt-Enter--NOT "Maximize") when it shuts down?

      Also, my experience (and that of others I work with) is that installing Vista over XP results in strange wonky problems.  A clean install of Vista works better, but XP still works better and faster than Vista on the same hardware, IMO.

      • vaderag

        I'm on a totally clean install of vista.
        I've just discovered that it only does it on MKV files and not xvid, and yes, i'm fullscreen and not maximised!

    • Progzy

      Hi! I have a similar problem so I did not create a new thread.

      - vista premium
      - laptop (main) with tv-out (second)

      I read a "mkv" file (subtitled , softsubbing) in full screen mode on my tv. I disable the laptop screen. Few minutes later, tv screen turns blue ; no video but sound. I need to shake my mouse or similar to make the video appears again.

      Did not find a option to prevent it.

      FYI, Reading with the same settings with vlc prog works fine.