REQ: Disable Screen Saver During Playback

  • Brian J. Mason
    Brian J. Mason

    MPC should have the option to disable the windows screen saver during the playback of media.  Many other programs, including windows media player, have this option. I have read many suggestions in other threads regarding power management schemes but such solutions are cheap hacks and not a real solution in many media center deployments.  MPC is a wonderful program but it still needs a bit of polishing to be a true replacement for most commercial products.  Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    • Mark Ciskey
      Mark Ciskey

      I would also like an option to enable the screen saver as I am mostly playing audio streams.  I see that this has been added to Windows Media Player now.

    • Gabest

      Screen saver gets disabled (and only then) when the status says playing and there is video shown.

      • Mark Ciskey
        Mark Ciskey

        Thanks for the info.  It turns out the the person was playing an internet radio station that uses a QuickTime .mov file.  Even though this is an audio stream it puts up a station logo.  So the screen saver is disabled because there is video.  An MPC option to not override screen saver settings would be helpful in this case because the video is not the important thing, just the audio.

        Also, is there a way to ignore the video in a case like this?


      • It does it during the playback of MP3 as well.... :-(