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a little new web interface page

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  • hey ho everybody,

    i wanted to change some styles in the mpc webinterface when i came across here.

    are u still working on?

    will there be any release?


    • BlindWanderer

      I haven't writen any new code for it in ages.

      Do you have your eye on a feature?

  • mcfang

    The web controls are an awesome feature for MPC, but as far as I know the html files are compiled along with the program.

    Is it possible to make it so the html files are separate to the EXE and get loaded in at runtime? This would mean that anyone can modify the web controls without having to recompile the entire program.

    • Gabest

      Yea, half of the necessary code was already there, but I've finished it today :)

      • Klownicle

        The external file option doesn't work, you click the deploy and it deploys all the files.  But the files arn't served through that directory. Like if I edit the index.html it doesn't change when I go to it in my browser.  It remains the default page.  I have the check box to serve the files through a directory checked and then I have the webserver port thing checked on the default port.  I also tryed changing the port or restarting the program and it still wouldn't allow me to use my own files.


        • Gabest

          For a test, try to put a simple static html into that directory and see if you can get mpc load it.

          • Gabest

            It's really broken, but sometimes it works. Depends on what the path handling functions decide to be a directory. It's fixable.

            • Klownicle

              Yeah, ive tried and tried, and its not working.  Can't wait till it is, i've been wanting to use this feature.  Ive used your program forever its simplistic!

              • BlindWanderer

                I got it working :-/ but i had alot of trouble getting the options to stick, they kept unchecking or checking themselves -_-'

                • BlindWanderer

                  now if someone would just write some nice javascript menu's for player.html

              • Christian

                Hi! I don't understand. I've run MPC-Webserver on various Systems new Windows XP, Windows ME and 98 today - eh, ok, yesterday... It works great! The only thing that maters is MPC doesn't remeber to don't "Allow access from localhost only".

                I think it's because in the older version was no "access from localhost only" so on startup this value (which was correctly saved to the .ini file) was not initialised.
                Would be happy, if this bug could be fixed.

                Back to topic: Did you try another folder which isn't as deep? On my PC C:\Media\Webinterface or like MPC needs it, in ..\..\Media\Webinterface the Webpage worked very well.

                @gabest: congratulations to your player! I wrote one by myself in 2001-2003, but it was only something like a frontend for existing WMP, because the original Windows Media Player didn't work with playlists, so I took the MediaPlayer-Component from Delphi and started to code.

  • info-page_nl

    im thinking about a  control.js file with a the basic commands aso suported in command line use, perhaps made avail as values in javascript, like

    %volume %playlist  (or whatever is possible,
    and  some function{} thingys, for the commandline options to work  as  EX:  <img onclick="add[}('example.mp3')" alt="add example.mp3">

    *** please dont, take me up on java script, to much, i normaly dont use it, and probably am worse at it than on writhing good english :-) ***

  • JoeSensei

    Ciao.  You requested feedback for use of the web interface as you didn't see any practical use for it.  I modified the files and, utilizing php and MySQL, have created a remote control that I can use from my PPC on my HTPC from anywhere in the house.  One slight annoyance - every time i re-open MPC on the HTPC, i have to physically use the console to uncheck 'allow access from localhost only'.  Other than that, everything works great!

    • Tsang Yong
      Tsang Yong


      Is it possible load mms address via the web interface / web server?
      I want to write a php page for my phone to load live TV channels but I don't know how to load an mms address to the player via the web server.


      • Martin Roth
        Martin Roth

        I have a feature request I am dying to see: I use the web-interface zu control mpc over my internet tablet.
        But it lacks the feature to scale to 16:9 TV which I constantly use.
        Yould you implement this or can I do it myself?

        Kindest regards

  • mikkokh


    I think that Java would be better for most users, begause Java aplications can ALSO be desinged to run without Web Browser and that supid "all-time screen refresh" is not any problem. I use Web GUI to control player, that is in to TV (My second "Monitor"). Also window could be a lot smaler.

    JavaScript or HTTP would also be needed, if user uses someting Text Web Browser (Somethin from linux prompt example).

  • 7rym

    I would very much like to use the web interface to control the player, but I can't find any docs anywhere?

    In the source I see stuff like:
    <input type="hidden" name="[wmcname]" value="872">

    This seems like the way to send commands to the player, but how can I obtain the list of commands?
    It's difficult to develop something by having to guess the commands ;-)

    Is there for instance a command to add or remove entries in the playlist?

    A simple documentation of the API would be very nice...

  • BlindWanderer

    The page i wrote of old needs to be rewriten, all the commands that MPC uses changes.

    The command ID's correspond to those displayed in the Keys configuration in the settings (or you can hack them out of the resources with ResourceHacker for a more complete list).

    The last time I chatted with Gabest about the web interface was (probably in this thread) 2 years ago. He didn't seem keen at the time to add a web interface for working with the playlist; this may have changed.

    If you want to do this you have two options. A) add the code to MPC, B) write CGI apps to handle the working with the web interface. Remember the web interface is a simple web server that can serve your own files.

    • 7rym

      My thoughts were to make a thirdparty thingy using the web interface to interact with the player.

      Basically what I need, is to access a command that does the same as "mplayerc.exe /add %file" would do from a command line :-)

      What I want to accomplish is to have a central webserver controlling several mediaplayers by having a browser window running a script to add a file to the end of the playlist when the playing file reaches the end :-)

      If I could do this, I could have a self-scheduling mediaPC playing the content I want, and a central server to feed the mediaPC what it needs.

      Currently, I use a little C++ app for controlling the Winamp player this way, but I would much more like to use the MPC to do this as it is a smoother player ;-)

  • ChaosBlade

    Any news on this? Any documentation of the current API would be great.

  • Hi , here is my vision of possible using this feature (web interface).

    I wish be able to control player from PPC (win mobile based with embeded browser), so if be possible to group controls by groups (quick playback control, volume, open media, dvd, etc) and organize controls that would be convenient to use on the small screen.

    sorry if my  english  is not good.

  • Is this still alive?
    Two little questions:
    1) where does MPC serve pages from when there's nothing in ./webroot ?

    2) is that page (controls.html) available anywhere else but the browser? Because that link there is 404.

  • Alex

    Question about playlist in web interface.
    Is it possible to get list of added to playlist files and display it on web page?


  • Doshell

    The media player interface made by chobits for MPC

    Wish list, Status playing counter, having the choice for it to count down or in reverse.

    Question, would it be possible to control multiple players on dirfferent machine from one interface control, pararun trigger!

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