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#215 MPC Multimonitor & Auto-hide Controls

Brian J. Mason

When using the auto-hide controls in fullscreen mode
under Media Player Classic, they player fails to notice
when the mouse moves to another monitor and can leave
the auto-hide controls on the screen indefinitely.

I like to play a movie on one of my monitors while I
browse the web and chat on IRC in another monitor. The
larger monitor that I watch the movies on is mounted on
top of the monitor I use to browse and chat. When I
move the mouse from my movie to the bottom desktop, the
auto-hide controls pop up (which is expected) but when
the mouse moves to the other monitor the controls never
auto-hide again unless I return mouse to the movie.

I very much like the fact that MPC will retain the
full-screen mode while there is activity on another
desktop (unlike original media player), and I very much
enjoy the auto-hide controls so I can fast forward and
rewind while in full screen, however it does not like I
can use the two together.

I assume this is caused by analyzing the mouse position
x,y on the MPC dekstop, prehaps it can be easily
remidied by triggering auto-hide when those x,y go
negetive. Or prehaps treating them as the desktop max
x,y when they are negetive. Just some suggestions to


  • Niels Leenheer
    Niels Leenheer

    Logged In: YES

    I have the same 'problem'. Adding this would be great, but I
    do no think it is as easy as just looking at the x,y coordinates
    of the mouse and hiding the control bar when they go
    negative. The second monitor can be positioned arbitrarily.
    For example, it can be below the main screen or at the left
    side, or the right side...

    So it would perhaps be better to look at the coordinates of
    the whole MPC window and if the mouse cursor is outside of
    it, always hide the control bar.