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[r1365] (HEAD) by brummer10

fix convolver, replace resampler buffer calculation

2012-02-01 07:00:48 Tree
[r1364] by brummer10

add gx_jack_options.h

2012-01-31 08:46:48 Tree
[r1363] by brummer10

add splash screen

2012-01-31 06:40:15 Tree
[r1362] by brummer10

better calculation for resampler buffer size

2012-01-28 06:20:45 Tree
[r1361] by brummer10

switch to use zita-resampler-1.1.0

2012-01-27 16:21:15 Tree
[r1360] by brummer10

reorder gui source addition

2012-01-27 05:50:49 Tree
[r1359] by brummer10

reorder gui source

2012-01-27 05:35:56 Tree
[r1358] by brummer10

restructure source tree part2

2012-01-17 14:21:04 Tree
[r1357] by brummer10

accept patch for build with gcc 4.7 by Brendan Jones

2012-01-17 13:31:17 Tree
[r1356] by brummer10

restruct source tree part1 revert

2012-01-17 12:48:23 Tree
[r1355] by brummer10

re-order sources part1

2012-01-16 10:32:18 Tree
[r1354] by brummer10

replace waf 'binary' with the waf source to full-fill the DFSG, remove gxtuner and replace it with racktuner

2012-01-16 07:32:37 Tree
[r1353] by brummer10

introduce effect resize button to hide show extendend setting controlls, some colour for the RackTuner, new slider image

2011-12-30 16:33:31 Tree
[r1352] by adegert

4 led's instead of 2 when tuning match in stream mode

2011-12-19 16:44:20 Tree
[r1351] by adegert

added racktuner widget; change openMonoRackBox to not show pre-post-select when corresponding id is NULL; set flag PGN_GUI for tuner to enable test rack entry; create RackTunerBox for testing (to test uncomment line 207 in gx_mono_rack_builder); changed threshold in pitchtracker to minimize octave errors; bugfix: set -fPIC for linker when -shared is set

2011-12-19 07:37:21 Tree
[r1350] by adegert

add style property show-value to GxRegler (the value display is only shown when style and widget show-value properties are both true)

2011-12-14 19:42:26 Tree
[r1349] by adegert

bugfix: gx[rh]_image belongs to instance, not class, resulting in a long hunt for a difficult to reproduce bug...; make frame of paint_func rectangle_skin_color_expose transparent (if alphachannel defined) for producing DnD icons; hopefully doesn't have bad side effects

2011-12-13 18:32:02 Tree
[r1348] by adegert

some pixels shifted in zita rev1 ui; make frame of value display in GxRegler thinner frame border values are small; added ls_style to psup.py and some tweaks

2011-12-08 21:54:58 Tree
[r1347] by brummer10

use openStereoRackBox and openMonoRackBox in Rack builders, remove unnesecary boxes

2011-12-08 11:51:26 Tree
[r1346] by brummer10

add gx7-blues style file, fix resize when toolbar/tuner toggled

2011-12-08 04:18:17 Tree
[r1345] by adegert

added GxSmallKnobR to glade support (but as default uses the same knob size as GxSmallKnob); renamed GxLEVELSlider to GxLevelSlider and added it to glade support; bugfix: 0-terminate jack starter list for StringParameter; move skin settings initialization; add GUITARIX_DEBUG_PARAMETER in debug mode and interpret value as format ("" or "json"); set name for most labels in zita_rev1 glade ui to "racklabel"; some string to const string& changes; add gx_regler_size_allocate to fix some random moving of Knobs; rc files: set gx_head-rack-group or similar for all GtkLabel (not only gtkmm__) inside GtkFrame (maybe there are side effects, rc files / usage in program has to be cleaned up..); some small fixes and cleanup

2011-12-07 17:53:29 Tree
[r1344] by brummer10

fix set default size at startup

2011-12-06 04:22:14 Tree
[r1343] by adegert

GxPaintBox: based on GtkBox, removed unnecessary properties and functions, changed constructor signature, add missing base class destructor, use pack_start instead of add because add does not set expand any more; ParamMap: insert is private, methods have to be used to create and add parameters which are own by ParamMap (parameters are now released in the dtor); added option / Dialog to select jackd start method; reduced direct uses of global parameter_map; new class GxBuilder (replace Gtk::Builder with slightly different api); replaced some string function parameters with const string&; Parameter can allocated variable (when 0-pointer in ctor); make convolver activation more robust (when buffersize or samplerate is not yet initialized); some code moved and cleanup

2011-12-05 19:34:38 Tree
[r1342] by brummer10

some changes to gx6-blue thema

2011-12-03 07:21:33 Tree
[r1341] by brummer10

hold rack height when add/remove plug

2011-12-01 08:37:44 Tree
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