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Guitarix gets LV2 support

Within the latest development branch of guitarix, you can load now LV2 plugs into the racks. But there is no GUI support, guitarix will build the internal UI for the plugs in the same way it does for LADSPA and gx plugs. As well, no Extension support is added, only plain DSP plugs be supported.
It extend the large list of usable plugs for the guitarix racks a bunch, and keep the philosophy of click-less, glitch-free, ultra fast preset switching alive. ... read more

Posted by brummer 2014-06-01 Labels: guitarix linux opensource dsp audio processing

Guitarix 0.29.0 released

The Guitarix developers proudly present

Guitarix release 0.29.0

For the uninitiated, Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for
jack, with effect modules and an additional stereo effect chain.

Among with a couple changes in the source and some bug-fixes, this relase comes with a couple of new plugs (gx & LV2), were most of them comes from our new Development Member Fedor Uporov.
The Simulation plugs been developed with the new Analog Circuit Simulation Toolkit by Andreas Degert.... read more

Posted by brummer 2014-04-17 Labels: guitarix linux audio amplifier guitar jack

Copy sound

Since some time guitarix include a external program to generate
ImpulseResponse Files, called SpecMatch. As it is widely unknown,
I will introduce it here.

alternate text

SpecMatch can be used to adapt a sound to Guitarix (a Amp, a Cabinet,
special sound of a Band, . . ), but it can also be used independently
of Guitarix (cf. specmatch --help). Then you will need another
convolver like the LV2 Convolution Reverb
to use the produced IR-file. You can also use just the Python modules
(e.g. from specmatch import SmoothedIR).... read more

Posted by brummer 2014-01-27 Labels: guitarix convolution linux audio

Guitarix Analog Simulation

The Guitarix source tree contains in tools/ampsim a toolkit for generating effect units using analog simulation in real time. The toolkit itself is in a rather experimental state, but two generated units already found their way into the plugin list: GCB 95 and JCM 800 Preamp.

The crybaby GCB 95 is a circuit with 2 Transistors (the input stage with only acts as a buffer is omitted):... read more

Posted by Andreas Degert 2014-01-15 Labels: linux guitarix audio analog simulation amp jcm800 gcb95

New plugs by new developer

We are happy to get a new development member for the guitarix project, Fedor Uporov introduce himself with some nice new plugs for the guitarix rack. 3 of them he have already committed to the git repository. There is a nice sounding plate reverb:
Based at:
Effect Design Part 1: Reverberator and Other Filters
CCRMA, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA
alternate text
and a as well great panorama enhancer:
Based at:
ECE542 T. Tran; Rice University; Spring 2005
"Title: Stereo Enhancement Algorithm"
alternate text
and a ring modulator.
Additional, on user request, there is now in git a new graphical eq, based on the famous faust-filterbank:
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Posted by brummer 2014-01-13 Labels: linux jacld guitarix dsp faust

Capture your session

Guitarix now include (mono/stereo) record-plugs, which let you capture your unprocessed input sound and / or as well the processed output. But you can move the record-plugs as well to any place in the rack, to capture were and what you wont.
The UI includes a indicator Led, which will warn you when you run into clipping during recording.
alternate text... read more

Posted by brummer 2013-12-28 Labels: guitarix record audio linux jack

Dubber, a LiveLooper plugin

Dubber is a 4 Channel Loop plugin, which could record, save, load and play *.wav files up to a length of 1,5 min for each channel. Loop files will be saved in plugin presets and can switched seamless by call a rack preset, a plugin preset, or by just press record.
alternate text
Loops could be trimmed by cut and clip to select the part of the file for looping.
They could play forward/backward with various speed.
The loop output could mixed to the audio stream of the guitarix rack.
As usual in guitarix, all controllers could accessed by Midi CC via Midi learn.

Posted by brummer 2013-12-07 Labels: guitarix linux audio jack