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If you're having problems decompressing tarballs (.tar.gz files) when downloading from mozilla firefox, use 'gzip -cd filename | tar zxv' to decompress it. What's happening, is that firefox will tell the webserver to compress pages/files so it can download them faster. But it seems that if a file ends in .gz, that firefox will not decompress it when it's finished downloading. So you end up with a tar that has been gzip'd twice. The above command is a simple workaround for this.

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114 For KDE 4 Oxygen None open 2008-08-28 2014-08-26 5  
105 Solid Vista Glass 3 Colors None open 2008-01-21 2014-08-17 5  
147 LCARS Theme None open 2013-04-26 2014-08-17 5  
63 Relief (Inspired by Reluna Bluetiful) None open 2005-07-06 2014-06-17 5  
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