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#32 PPM Install of XML-DOM Fails on Activestate Perl 5.6


No PPD exists for XML-DOM when choosing the PPM
install (my system is Win32, Activestate perl using
standard repository). This seems rather fundamental
and whilst I note your earlier comments about needing
to concentrate on functionality rather than installation - if
we can't install it then we can't give any feedback!!

I feel saying it's a problem for the XML::DOM authors is
a bit of a cop-out if your project relies on it.

Any help appreciated.


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    Hi Roger,

    Unfortunately this in unlikely to be fixed soon. You may
    like to have a look at this page:
    which has an ordering service for PPM Modules.

    I agree that the issue needs to be addressed but we are flat
    out chasing the bug fixes to get Guido working again. I am
    accumulating a list of things that need to be looked at for
    the next release of Guido and rationalisisng the XML
    management is on the list.

    Sorry I can't be of any real help.