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GUESS / News: Recent posts

New Release (1.0.3)

Posted by Eytan Adar 2007-08-14

New release (10/26/2006)

New features:

- Prefuse now works
- Cut and paste from console is better
- Can load in files after the fact
- GDFReader to load in GDF files later
- Can draw on "drawing" layer
- strokecolor now sets the color around a node

Minor changes:
- changes to default colors
- minor tweak to touchgraph interface

Posted by Eytan Adar 2006-10-26

New release (8/23/06)

There is a new release (1.0.1 beta, 8/23/06) available for download. It's mostly bug fixes (some fairly major)

Posted by Eytan Adar 2006-08-23