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    Quick Start

    Data Files

    GUANO likes plaintext comma separated values (CSV) files with one observation per row and a header that specifies the column labels. This is sometimes referred to as the "long" format or the "stacked" format. Excel is capable of exporting worksheets as CSV files. The conditions in the columns can be numerical or textual.

    Specifying Analysis Parameters

    After loading a datafile the column labels should make their way into the Fieldlist to the far left. Selecting the labels will enable the buttons and allow you to specify within and between subjects factors as well as the dependent variable and subject label. ctrl and shift work as expected to select multiple labels.

    Excluding Conditions

    Once labels are moved to the within and between field lists conditions can be excluded from the analysis by double-clicking the cooresponding factor. In the dialog conditions with a checkmark will be analyzed. Unchecking a condition will exclude it from the analysis.

    Data Transformations

    Data transformations can be specified by double-clicking the dependent variable label and selecting the transformation of interest.

    Specifying Plots

    Selecting the "Specify Plots" button will initiate the plot specification dialog. The dependent variable and x-axis variable fields are non-optional. The other fields can be optionally specified. Leaving the fname as '.png' or '.svg' will build meaningful filenames based on the specified variables.

    Running the Analysis

    Selecting "Run Analysis" will start the analysis. Once the analysis is complete the results should open in your default webbrowser. The output files are saved to the directory containing your datafile. If the analysis does not complete within a few seconds chances the program can't reconcile an meaningful design from the parameters specified.

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