Release 0.7.1

Guacamole 0.7.1 has been released.

This release is a minor bugfix release, with the only major bug related to Debian packaging.

All packages within the 0.7.1 bundles are the same as 0.7.0 except for libguac-client-rdp, which contains a minor bugfix, and guacd, which contains a packaging fix on Debian.

If you are using a Debian distribution (including Ubuntu) and are having trouble with Guacamole working after a reboot, release 0.7.1 fixes a packaging error in guacd that caused the daemon to fail to start after the system was rebooted.

libguac-client-rdp was also updated to fix an issue that caused the text cursor in the login screen of Xrdp to not render. Unlike the guacd bugfix, this problem was not specific to Debian, and packages have been updated for all supported distributions.

More information on these issues is available on Trac:

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-12-14