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Guacamole 0.9.8 Released

Guacamole 0.9.8

The 0.9.8 release of Guacamole is the first release to allow multiple authentication extensions to be loaded simultaneously. Administrators can now, for example, authenticate users against LDAP while storing connection data in MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Guacamole 0.9.8 also features major improvements to the file transfer interface, allowing the filesystem hierarchy of the remote system to be browsed directly within the Guacamole menu, as well as fully stabilized and documented support for audio and file transfer for VNC using PulseAudio and SFTP respectively.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2015-09-09

Guacamole 0.9.7 Released

Guacamole 0.9.7

The 0.9.7 release of Guacamole greatly simplifies the installation process for extensions and reduces the need for, providing reasonable defaults where possible. Extensions can now be used to theme, brand, and translate Guacamole, not only to provide custom authentication. In addition to several bug fixes, this release also marks the first public availability of Guacamole in languages other than English, and the first official release with support for Docker.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2015-06-11

Docker images for Guacamole

Official support for Docker

As of today, we now have Docker images for Guacamole which we will be officially supporting going forward:

To any users who currently use Docker or are interested in using Docker, please try these images and report back with any issues, difficulties, etc. The goal is for this to be flexible and stable enough for production use, yet one of the easiest ways to deploy Guacamole.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2015-05-05

Guacamole 0.9.6 Released

Guacamole 0.9.6

The 0.9.6 release of Guacamole features improved support for database-driven authentication - the MySQL authentication has been generalized, PostgreSQL authentication has been implemented on top of this, and performance of database queries has been improved across the board.

Recently-introduced memory issues in the RDP support have also been addressed. If you have noticed unusually-high memory usage by guacd, or unexpected disconnects during RDP connections, we highly recommend upgrading to 0.9.6.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2015-03-31

Guacamole 0.9.5 Released

Guacamole 0.9.5

The 0.9.5 release of Guacamole is mostly a bugfix release, addressing the regressions introduced by 0.9.4. Problems with authentication, management, and iOS 7 that resulted from the milestone 0.9.4 rewrite have all been fixed.

Regressions from 0.9.4

Once 0.9.4 was released, users discovered issues that we did not catch during our pre-release regression testing. Most of these issues were directly caused by the rewritten interface, particularly by differences in the display logic regarding user permissions. The authentication system still enforced permissions correctly - the interface simply interpreted these permissions incorrectly, refusing to display items that should be visible.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2015-02-17

Guacamole 0.9.4 Released

Guacamole 0.9.4

The 0.9.4 release of Guacamole is our biggest update yet. It contains a complete rewrite of the web interface, standardized official support for WebSocket, improved and configurable logging, as well as cosmetic changes improving style and usability.

Massively improved interface

The Guacamole web interface has been completely rewritten as a single-tab application. You can still open connections in new tabs if you wish, but the new interface allows you to open multiple connections within the same tab. While these connections are running, their thumbnails on the home screen update in real time.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2015-01-08

Guacamole 0.9.3 Released

Guacamole 0.9.3

The 0.9.3 release of Guacamole features greatly improved keyboard support, the ability to configure guacd with a configuration file, as well as support for authentication via HTTP Basic. Support for all standard control code shortcuts (C0 control codes) within SSH and telnet has also been added. Previous versions of Guacamole only supported Ctrl+A through Ctrl+Z, making other combinations like Ctrl+^ impossible.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2014-09-30

Guacamole 0.9.2 Released

Guacamole 0.9.2

The 0.9.2 release of Guacamole contains several general bug fixes and improvements. Both telnet and SSH now support wide characters, such as those used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and the login process for telnet connections can now be automated. Connections via RDP and SSH should now be more stable, and the Guacamole source now builds properly on more platforms.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2014-07-22

Guacamole 0.9.1 Released

Guacamole 0.9.1

The 0.9.1 release of Guacamole improves performance of both VNC and RDP, while also greatly enhancing the user interface. A new menu has been added to the client screen which allows direct access to input settings. Telnet support has also been added, using the same terminal emulation used by the existing SSH support.

For users that are using the 0.8.x series, we have also backported the bugfixes regarding MySQL authentication and terminal emulation and created the 0.8.4 release.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2014-05-23

Guacamole 0.9.0 Released

Guacamole 0.9.0

The 0.9.0 release of Guacamole adds support for file transfer under SSH and RDP, support for RemoteApp, and vastly improved error handling. The user interface has also moderately improved.

File Transfer

Support for file transfer over SSH and over RDP is now present. Both must be explicitly enabled on connections which need file transfer. The semantics of file transfer varies by the underlying protocol.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2014-03-30

Branching changes

Branching changes

To improve our release cycle, we're changing the way our git repositories are organized.

Previously, the Guacamole git repositories had two branches each: "master", which contained only stable code, and "unstable", which contained all unstable development.

Under the new scheme, all current development will be on "master". The old "unstable" branch will be removed.

As we work towards 0.9.0, there will be changes to the API that break compatibility with 0.8.x. To provide a place for 0.8.x development to continue should something important need to be backported, we have a "0.8.x" branch as well.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-12-19

Guacamole 0.8.3 Released

Guacamole 0.8.3 Released.

The latest version of Guacamole, 0.8.3, has been released.

This release features two new supported methods of authentication (LDAP and "noauth"), improved rendering performance, and connection grouping and load balancing.

This release also marks our initial transition to the "org.glyptodon.guacamole" package and groupId for Guacamole's Java classes. Authentication providers have been left alone for the sake of compatibility, but any developers wanting to upgrade custom authentication to the latest will need to also change the groupId in their pom.xml.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-08-28

Guacamole 0.8.2 Released

Guacamole 0.8.2 Released.

The latest version of Guacamole, 0.8.2, has been released.

This release features support for printing in RDP, several bug fixes, and support for VNC repeaters (like that provided by UltraVNC).

This release also marks the first release after the transition away from per-release binary packaging and complex repositories. We now only have two git repositories: guacamole-server (the native components) and guacamole-client (the web application).... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-07-15

Simplification and Migration to GitHub

Simplification and Migration to GitHub

Because having each subproject in its own repository has grown too complex for both users and packaging (not to mention maintenance), we've combined all projects into two repositories, and we've taken the opportunity to also migrate our repositories to GitHub:


The guacamole-server repository contains all native components that form the Guacamole proxy and all upstream protocol support plugins. Building guacamole-server builds guacd, libguac, and libguac-client-*, automatically building whichever protocol support plugins you have the proper libraries for.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-06-07

Guacamole 0.8.1 Released

Guacamole 0.8.1 Released.

The latest version of Guacamole, 0.8.1, has been released.

This release features SSH support, improved support for non-US keyboards, and various fixes that improve stability under Firefox and improve the performance and stability of RDP connections.

SSH Support

Just as Guacamole supports VNC and RDP, Guacamole now supports SSH. While Guacamole is normally a graphics-oriented protocol, at its lowest level, it's simply a remote display. Taking advantage of this, Guacamole now supports SSH by implementing a terminal emulator server-side. The only difference between this terminal emulator and another (xterm, for example) is that it renders to a remote display (the Guacamole client) rather than a local display.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-06-01

REGRESSION - 0.8.0 re-released

Authentication Regression Patch for 0.8.0

Due to an authentication regression in the 0.8.0 release, we've repackaged everything and re-released 0.8.0 with the regression fixed.

If you downloaded 0.8.0 before this announcement, please re-download and try again.

The regression affected the default authentication mechanism (user-mapping.xml). The regression did not affect the new MySQL authentication mechanism.

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-03-25

Release 0.8.0

Guacamole 0.8.0 Released

The latest Guacamole, version 0.8.0, has been released.

This release features major revisions to the authentication API, and an officially-supported MySQL authentication backend that provides additional features, such as the ability to manage users and connections through the web interface.

This release also includes minor bug fixes and enhancements for VNC and RDP support.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-03-23

Release 0.7.2

Guacamole version 0.7.2 has been released.

This release contains updates to the main web application and to RDP support, as well as improved installation documentation and tutorials in the user's guide (

A couple bugs in the way user-mapping.xml is parsed have been fixed (tickets #171 and #216). If you have been having issues with connections inexplicably not working even though all values are correct, updating may solve the problem.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2013-01-21

Release 0.7.1

Guacamole 0.7.1 has been released.

This release is a minor bugfix release, with the only major bug related to Debian packaging.

All packages within the 0.7.1 bundles are the same as 0.7.0 except for libguac-client-rdp, which contains a minor bugfix, and guacd, which contains a packaging fix on Debian.

If you are using a Debian distribution (including Ubuntu) and are having trouble with Guacamole working after a reboot, release 0.7.1 fixes a packaging error in guacd that caused the daemon to fail to start after the system was rebooted.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-12-14

Release 0.7.0

Guacamole 0.7.0 has been released.

This release features sound support for RDP, and a completely redone user interface. Recently-used connections will now display as thumbnails in their own section in the connection list.

The remote display now automatically fits the browser window by default. Mobile support has been redone, and typing on mobile is much smoother and easier to access.

The clipboard is now shared across connections. While integration with the client-side clipboard is still impossible, copy/paste between connections is seamless.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-12-03

Release 0.6.4

Guacamole 0.6.4 has been released.

This release features better speed due to a fixed performance degradation bug (

Other noteworthy changes include:

* guacd properly daemonizes itself (#178)
* The "color-depth" parameter for RDP works (#180)
* The on-screen keyboard modifiers have been fixed (#191)
* Debian packaging issues regarding guacd have been resolved (#194 and #203)

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-10-17

Release 0.6.3 (security fix)

Guacamole 0.6.3 has been released.

This release is purely a bugfix release, fixing a security vulnerability discovered in libguac by Timo Juhani Lindfors (CVE-2012-4415).

The guacd Debian packages have also been updated such that guacd will run as a reduced-privilege user by default. This may cause problems when upgrading from an existing installation of guacd, and you may need to kill running guacd processes to complete the upgrade.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-09-19

Companies adopting Guacamole - Ulteo

Guacamole was designed as an API with the intent that it be used for the development of other HTML5-based remote desktop software.

Ulteo has released a beta of their HTML5 client which incorporates the Guacamole core:

This collaboration resulted in code contributions to the Guacamole project as well as testing, which helped smooth out the rough edges of Guacamole's RDP support prior to the milestone 0.6.0 release.

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-09-19

Release 0.6.2

Guacamole 0.6.2 has been released.

This release is largely a bugfix release. International keyboard handling has been improved, and a few Ubuntu-specific bugs regarding RDP have been fixed.

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-08-21

Milestone Release 0.6.0

Guacamole 0.6.0 has been released.

We now officially support RDP in addition to VNC.

This release is a major milestone for the project, being the first to contain official support for more than one protocol. This makes Guacamole the first open-source project to provide a full, generalized, multi-protocol remote desktop gateway over HTML5.

Also added is a menu designed for touch screen devices (brought up by long-pressing on the display), support for the native on-screen keyboard of mobile devices, and support for multiple connections per user.... read more

Posted by Michael Jumper 2012-05-06