Mouse Icon missing & RDP issue

  • Oliver Hewett
    Oliver Hewett

    Firstly - thanks for writing this great  piece of software!!
    I just have a couple of issues. Installed it on 12.04 64 desktop, and under VNC  connections I don't have a mouse icon appearing, just a tiny dot. Is this normal?
    Connecting to a W2008R2 server I see guacd showing errors - protocol security negotiation failure, and ERROR: error instantiating client: Error connecting to RDP server: Illegal state. On the browser page I get error connecting to RDP server
    Any advice?

  • Oliver Hewett
    Oliver Hewett

    my bad on rdp errors. Root cause was a DNS issue which is now fixed and RDP working like a charm. However defaults to US keyboard -can this be changed to another regions?

    mouse works fine on RDP - just VNC/Ubuntu its the dot.

  • Michael Jumper
    Michael Jumper

    What VNC server are you using?

  • Oliver Hewett
    Oliver Hewett

    The default version which comes with Ubuntu 12.04 DESKTOP 64bit. Just enabled desktop sharing in the settings  and installed Guacamole, and configured vnc to connect to the local host.

  • Michael Jumper
    Michael Jumper

    It sounds like the VNC server is not rendering the mouse cursor itself, nor is it sending the mouse cursor image to the client. This could be a bug in the VNC server.

    I will try to reproduce the problem with an Ubuntu VM.

  • Hi. the problem is Linux only , there is a fix , but I cannot download it , missing .configure and other bits. ( tried git repository )
    Can you share this with me ?   What is a version with fix included ?

  • Michael Jumper
    Michael Jumper

    What fix are you referring to?

  • Pete

    shigura, I hate to jump in, but are you using a private Certificate Authority for tls negotiation between the Guacamole serve and the RDP server?

  • Ronald Hennig
    Ronald Hennig

    Hi i compiled libguac-client-rdp with the following commands:

    >git clone -b unstable git:// ./
    >automake -a
    >sudo make install
    >sudo ldconfig

    First command updates required settings to and for example updating library paths.
    Second and third command generates the configure script configure while the fourth command generate the last dependencies (symbolic links) and so on.