New web site for GnoTime

  • Hi,

    In your home page <> it's written:

    > We need your help to make GnoTime better. It sure
    > would be nice to have a fancier web site for this
    > project, maybe some nice graphics. Can you help?

    I am webmaster, and I could propose a new design for your website, if you're interested. I use your good software, so it would be a way to participate in the project.

    Do you have some ideas, propositions, requirements, etc. about the new design, or you give carte blanche?

    • Hi jpfle,

      I welcome your offer. Currently, Octav (octavsly at sourceforge) is working on a redesign of the website. Please coordinate with him.

      My initial idea is just breaking down the information contained in the current website into separate sections.

      Other ideas, layout changes etc, are very welcome.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Goedson,

        Thanks for your response. I wrote to Octav via the SourceForge user's form. I'll post here any news about website's project.


  • Tom Metro
    Tom Metro

    I recommend using Wikispaces, which used to have a partnership with Sourceforge, but should still be usable independently.

    Small scale OSS projects really don't need much for static web site content. Better to just have everything on a wiki that the community maintains.

    Webmaster skills can still be applied at Wikispaces. It permits template customization, logos, etc.