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Work restarted

After few discussions and research, I found a hole in that area - i18n. Present days developers release a tons of extensions and applications without any kind of language support, specially paid applications, such as IPBoard and vBulletin, they REJECT to provide support in language different then English. It's they're loose. It's full with over 20 open-source free alternatives for forum boards.

But in the case with Joomla! and paid extensions, sometimes there is no alternatives (non-paid, free extensions) and people decide to pay small or not so small amount of EURO to have the selected application. What's the surprise, once you get it, you find that the application is translated in over 50 languages by Google Translator or even is not translated.... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2011-10-25

Moving Forward

After long delay, GTLT finally moving forward.
New goals are almost the same, except the change that we will translate and maintain translations up to date for the most used CMS XOOPS and Joomla!

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2010-05-21

Slovak Unicode Translation for XOOPS/XOOPS Cube 2.0

Released and ....

"The package is thinner,
because I removed all images, which we didnt translate. It took us some
time; well sometimes things happen slower, than we wish, but I hope
slovakian will enjoy it.
Ill send you all patches, if any."

Tomáš Kramár

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2006-03-13

Italian Unicode translation for XOOPS/XOOPS Italiano

Italian translation is Re-packed and fixed and published to download files. More (modules) will be added later, depend on the requirements and posibilities of our translators.

Ciao a tutti, sono Giuseppe Pignataro membro del Global Translation and Localisation Team e volevo annunciarvi ho tradotto XOOPS e che quindi finalmente abbiamo XOOPS in Italiano.In qusti giorni provvedero a rilasciare una nuova versione dato che ho notato dei piccoli difetti.Cmq vi terrò informati sui prossimi aggiornamenti dalle pagine di questo sito.... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2006-03-08

Turkish translation for XOOPS 2.0/2.0JP (aka Xoops Cube)

Turkish translation (ISO-8859-9) is released today for XOOPS 2.0/XOOPS 2.0JP (aka Xoops Cube). Translation is done by one of our members Erdinc Tugcu. Unicoded one will be added separately.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-12-29

Joomla! 1.0.1 Bulgarian (Unicode)

translation is out, and ready for downloads. Again, this translation is created without help from the "officialized" mambo bulgarian support site, and is created for ppl which plan to use Joomla! with Mambo Multilanguage hack, eg. Content in more than one language.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-09-24

More bugfixes for Spanish Xoops translation

Gremlins seem to had a lot of fun with Spanish Xoops translation. More bugs have been discovered in Spanish translation for core files mailusers.php and misc.php. Our next release will include these bugfixes, but you can download the partial bugfixes now.
We have started to use the patches tracker to notify such bug updates, just in case you want to ask "why does XXX not work?"

Posted by José Moya 2005-09-17

Updated XOOPS 2.0.13 Spanish translation

Few days ago several bugs was discovered in the first release of Spanish translation, now affected modules are reuploaded, and repacked full package for XOOPS 2.0.13 also is uploaded with included fixes.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-09-03

XOOPS 2.0.13 Bulgarian, Gujarati and Spanish are out

XOOPS 2.2 Bulgarian translation is aslo relased, and will be uploaded this days, all translation are Unicoded, and MultiLanguage (Marcan's ML hack) compatible. Eg. this means that u can maintain in one site and one database, content in up to 6 languages at the moment (only in XOOPS

Japanese and Taiwan also provide their Unicoded trasnaltions, so now is the time to switch from Nuke to XOOPS.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-08-23

XOOPS 2.0.10 Unicoded Translations

Unicoded translations will comes out in next few days, first pack will include Ukrainian, Russian and Bulgarian, second version (week or two) will be added Swedish and Spanish.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-05-16

XOOPS to Bulgarian

After months of active testing, and most of the translations are rewriten we are happy to anounoce that the XOOPS for Bulgarians is out, get it from Files section

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-03-25

FireFox 1.0.2 to Bangla

Today we are proud to release Bangla translation for Mozilla FireFox, the whole GUI is translated, but maybe u can found some syntax errors, feel free to contact us.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-03-25

XOOPS-2.0.9 Bulgarian Language

XOOPS-2.0.9 Bulgarian Language is not finished yet, but 1st Release candidate is out, u can get it from here or from our forums. Report any bugs if u found please.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-02-03

XOOPS Bulgarian is almost completed

and some of the files are placed here, unofrtunately not all (cos upload file server of SourceFORGE.NET is out of space), to download all translated and fixed versions of some non core modules, and XOOPS core and packaged modules, u have to go to this site

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2005-01-17

Difference between SF.NET & commercial sites

Attention all SourceForge.NET users and mostly this under 18 years. SourceForge.NET is not a gamming site like, the ppl here are not crazy, they work hard to create their projects (most of them are very useful for you, like Gaim, Gimp, FileZilla, SIM). Ppl here, spend all free time to maintain and improve their projects. No one of them work here for money, the work on the projects is for FUN, GLORY, FAME but no for money - if one project for example mine one:GTLT - needs translators, this means - if u have free time, and u want to make it, than you're welcome. But some ppl (no user names) ask me what sallary will recieve for the work - simply answer - NO MONEY. The real one way to get money for your work is thru SourceForge.NET Donation system, or simply if your country is supported by PayPal.COM u can a wait some donations.... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-11-24

PostNuke 0.750 (Spanish)

Spanish translation is abandoned from now, quoted from PostNuke pnLanguages site: "Thanks to Luis Cabrera for this Castellan Spanish language pack for PostNuke For more information on localizing PostNuke for your language, please visit the pnLanguages Project home page or contact the pnLanguages Project Manager."

Thanks for your eoffort anyway.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-11-24

RSSOwl-0.9b Bangla translation

is done by Omi Azad and ready for dowload from our file releases section.

From this release will be uploaded only two packages of each release, one will be packed with standart PKWare ZIP, the second will be packed with 7-Zip (.7z), for more information about 7Zip, visit this page:

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-10-13

Web site moved

Web site moved to faster ISP, special thanks to

the new link is

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-09-29

Banga Translation

of POEdit-1.2.5 is done and placed under Files release section for download, by Omi Azad

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-09-06

To all new candidats

When u wont to accept the task, and before to post a reply on the forum - Projects Help Wanted, please read our Documentation section. There are some rules that must be know, also if you are not read SourceForge.NET documentation and what for is this Service, please do it Now.

Dont have time, and dont want to teach u guys, WTF is CVS, FTPD, SSH, and GNU, to translate is not only to read and write in one more language than English.... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-05-29

Name changes (sorry for the troubles)

We are not part of GNU and for this we cant use this prefix in our team name, GNU Translation and Localisation Team from this date, becomes Global Translation and Localisation Team.

We will continue support GNU and FSF, this is our primary objective, but we cant stand behind something that was not permited.

Most of the programs the we maintain are not licensed with GNU GPL, or LGPL licenses, but are still Open Source. I hope that the new name will not disturb you, GTLT is GTLT again, but not GNU.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-05-26

New Web site launched !

After 2 years searching for Web designer, I build it by myslef. This site is not a professional like I wont it, but will show more detailed information about our work. If you dont like it, use this page. :)

Just click on home page

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-05-25

Web Designer gone

3rd Web designer gone, Timothy Ng SF.NET name: blkmage117, the new one Jocelyn SF.NET name: jocelynbn, woll be assigned to make very simple page (how hard can be to make something simple like, Jocelyn will be last attempt to find a good web designer and maintainer...

Otherwise, the second way to build GTLT web face, is to create by our self, no more Windows/Frontpage users, who does not know what the hell is TCP/IP, SSL, FTP, CVS and can he eat them.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-05-18

ARIA Spanish translation ended!

Finally, ARIA Spanish translation has ended.

Main file was made by alxplus, with some minor corrections by jmoysae.
Please, test this file and tell us other possible corrections. (We would consider doing different spanish dialect versions if we receive enough support to do that.)

Posted by José Moya 2004-05-06

Alvaro's Messenger REMOVED

All translations is removed, some of the inactive team members are remove too:
Listed by their SourceForge.NET Names:

amiroot - inactive from 1 year.
demonn Dmitry Kuznetsov - Inactive from more than year
tuncay K. Tuncay Tekle - inactive,...
radzaw Radoslaw Zawartko - inactive
quantuumdot Mloduchowski Tomasz
moneyfan1 Steffen Menne
mikexstudios Michael Huynh
ivoronin Ilya Voronin
hawkwhite Frederick Michaud... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-04-04