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#93 Spinbox values not saved if entered via keyboard

Travis Evans

(TiEmu 3.03 Linux)
In the Screenshot Options dialog box, it seems that changes made to the values in the Skips and Shots spinboxes are not remembered if the values were entered directly from the keyboard. It seems that they are only remembered if set with the mouse.

The behavior for me is like this:
1. Open Screenshot > Options
2. Change both spinbox values by using the scroll wheel or clicking the arrow buttons
3. Click OK
4. Go back to Screenshot > Options
5. Values are remembered, as they should be

1. Open Screenshot > Options
2. Move focus to each spinbox in turn, typing a new value with the keyboard. Do not change the values using the mouse afterward.
3. Click OK.
4. Go back to Screenshot > Options
5. Values revert to what they were before they were changed with the keyboard, even though OK was pressed