#16 GTK3

John Ralls

There's a super-simple patch to make GtkSpell work with Gtk3 which was submitted to RedHat [1] in February. Perhaps someone could commit it here and make a new tarball...

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=675504


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  • John Ralls
    John Ralls

  • I have a patch against cvs to create a 3.0.0 tree, which installs libgtkspell-3.0.so and gtkspell-3.0.pc, so it can be installed in parallel with gtkspell-2.0. If I could figure out how to upload an attachment to this bug, I'd upload it (and the required gtkspell-3.0.pc.in)...


  • Anonymous

    I have a modified version of the patch which makes it installable side-by-side with the gtk2 built version. I have uploaded this patch to ubuntu already.

    I couldn't figure out how to add it as an attachment, you can download it from:


  • Daniel Atallah
    Daniel Atallah

    A change that's a combination of these patches has been committed and will be released as Gtkspell 3.0.0 soon.


  • Hi Daniel,

    I didn't see a release yet--did I miss something?


  • Could someone please reopen this bug? It really shouldn't be closed until the tarball requested by the OP is released...

  • Sandro Mani
    Sandro Mani

    So, needing gtkspell3 to finish porting my PyGtk to Gtk3, I've worked on adding introspection annotations to the test tarball. Result is here:

    Note: From what I could tell, in the previous version, Gtkspell was not actually a GObject type. For this reason, I had to perform a number of modifications to the source code, leading also to API changes. The most prominent changes are
    - All functions now start with gtkspell_spell_ instead of gtkspell_. This is because gtkspell is now the namespace and spell the class (i.e. GtkspellSpell).
    - The gtkspell_spell_new_attach function is gone, replaced by gtkspell_spell_new and gtkspell_spell_attach (which were actually deprecated functions). This is because the API allows to detach a GtkspellSpell object from a TextView without actually destroying the spell object, so it made more sense to also separate creation and attachment.

    Feedback / reaction from the OP would be great.

  • John Ralls
    John Ralls

    My first comment is "I don't do rpms", and my second is "You expect me to diff the package?"

    The best way to get a review would be to start a repo on github with the current cvs snapshot, then commit your changes in an easy-to-follow series with good change messages.

  • John Ralls
    John Ralls

    Oops, looks like Daniel has switched to mercurial. That will in any case make it easier for you to make your Github branch (or you could use Bitbucket).

    The new name, though ugly, is an unfortunate necessity of GObject Introspection, and I certainly agree that constructors (and destructors) need to be focused on
    construction (or destruction).

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