I have been happily using gtkpod to transfer mp3 to my ipod touch 3g (thanks for all the work). As I topped 3000 songs, any time I touch the ipod db (delete, add, add art) all seemingly goes ok, the sync completes. Then I try to open the music app on the ipod, and one of the following occurs:
- Updating Library message, that stays there forever (more than 3 hours)
- A static list of the first page of artists, but I cannot scroll nor choose nor activate any other button
- A blank white screen

If I delete all the music and start all over again, it works fine until I get what seems to be too many songs. It amy also be due to mistakenly adding a m4a encoded song.
My only recourse is to use MediaMonkey, which is happy to delete all the music and transfer it all back on, which then works fine.

So my question is: How to debug this problem? What could be causing the hang, and how can I gain some insight into what's going on? Could it be that adding a m4a file trashes the database? Could it be that there is a limit to the db size?