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On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 14:47, Simon Loewenthal <simon@klunky.co.uk> wrote:
Oh I see.  You wrote this in your first Email.

1: format ipod   - What partitions does gtkpod expect to see to use it?
 2 x VFAT, 1 x VFAT, etc?

As far as I know, some iPods have one partition, others have two. The second one is for the BIOS, and you shouldn't (need) to touch it. In this case you need to format the one you had backed up. Format is just a way of speaking, just removing the files would be enough.

2: Run gtkpod and see what it does.

Should I copy the files I had below into a partition in the ipod?

You can try that. According to Christopher that should know, and he probably knows better. In any case, you can always initialize a new repository within gtkpod and import the songs from your back-up.