Evening all,

Just to let you know, I have set up a continuous build server on one of my virtual machines (lucid lynx). In addition, I have a fedora 13 slave virtual machine configured. Both are building gtkpod and libgpod in response to git commits. If everything goes ok then their existence should remain transparent. However, should a commit cause a build to fail then they will be emailing the list.

I plan on setting up a slackware vm shortly too. 3 will be the limit given memory capacity of the host machine but if anyone wants to contribute a vm/box then please let me know. Basically, the machine requires ssh on it and obviously access to the net so that hudson (the build server) can login and build.

Most of the time the build servers will just sit quietly in the background but will provide an important testing ground for different distros, highlighting odd compile problems, incompatibilities etc ...