#295 iPod Nano 5th Gen. Sync Issue

libgpod (41)

When I try to synchronize my iPod Nano with Banshee I get the following message in $HOME/.config/banshee-1/log:
** (Banshee:4956): CRITICAL **: itdb_splr_validate: assertion `at != ITDB_SPLAT_UNKNOWN' failed
[mk_Dynamic] creating table structure
[mk_Extras] re-building table structure
[mk_Genius] re-building table structure
[mk_Library] building table structure
[mk_Library] compiling SQL statements
[mk_Locations] re-building table structure
[Warn 20:56:48.857] Failed to save iPod database - GLib.GException: Failed to generate sqlite database: an error occurred during Locations.itdb.cbk generation (in `libgpod-sharp')
at GPod.ITDB.Write () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Banshee.Dap.AppleDevice.AppleDeviceSource.PerformSyncThreadCycle () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

The iPod was restored on a Windows machine with iTunes to make sure the iPod was Windows-formated (it was previously managed on a Mac).

On the iPod, I can find MP3 files (find <mount> -name "*.mp3) on the device. However, when I check for music on the iPod there's nothing. In "Settings / About" menu on the iPod, it shows space used for 'Other'.

I'm running Fedora 16 64-bit (all updates installed).