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New version 0.12.1

  • Fix space in database file path.
  • Fix menu accelerator in French translation.
  • Prepare for Gtk 3.10
Posted by David Guglielmi 2013-10-18


New version 0.12

  • Add/Enable GSettings/dconf backend to store configuration.
  • Add i18n support and French translation.
  • Fix compilation with newer versions of GTK+3.
  • Fix crashes, syntax, and some small things.
  • Include Debian/Ubuntu packaging files.

Binary packages builded on Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Raring Ringtail.

Posted by David Guglielmi 2013-05-09


New release
Compatible with GTK+2 (--with-gtk2) and GTK+3.

Posted by David Guglielmi 2011-04-26

gpasman4.sample is incorrect !

gpasman4.sample provided in 0.10 contains a blank line at the end that causes a segmentation fault :/

gtkpasman is currently not very syntax fault tolerant for the pasman file, so be care...

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2009-07-30

RPM packages

Mandrake RPM packages have been provided (SRPM too)
Thanks to Marianne!

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2009-07-30


New release today

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2009-06-07

http wrapper

A new wrapper has been added in configuration panel, to be able to launch web browser on urls.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2009-06-07

Expand all

New feature asked by stephs : expand all (really). Available in the cvs only for the moment.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2008-10-17


New release today.
Move to gtk2 is done.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2006-12-29

Code cleanup

After a quick survey, it appears that the eye view is not used anymore. It has been removed from the code, in order to have an easier gtk2 transition. gtkpasman will only have its single list view in the future.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2006-12-28


New release tonight.
A few bugs were corrected and several minor features have been added.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2006-08-17


New release tonight!

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2005-08-08


New release today!

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2005-03-22

FreeBSD port

Since gtkpasman is now part of the official FreeBSD port tree, the FreeBSD port file has been removed from here.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2005-03-22

First release: v0.5

The first release is available at downloads.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2004-08-24

Project registered

Project has been in a development stage for a long time, but it has just been registered.
Version 0.5 will be uploaded and available soon.

Posted by Cyril Bellot 2004-08-20