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Firebird Admin / News: Recent posts

GTKFireBird 0.0.4 released (internal changes)

Tibquery.ExecQuery() works now and Next function ; Also
i have fetched the first_name field from employee table .
To do : cleanup the tree and architect the classes (Is time for some grids :-) )

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2004-02-13

gtkfireadmin 0.0.3 released

the most of the work was done on database objects layer
(firebird objects - aka freeib).TFibquery is almost functional (50%),
more work need to be done on the ExecQuery procedure (here i'am blocked in one weird AV) . For the end users the most visible
feature added is the About form with pretty pictures and few words .

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2003-06-13

first source released

well some test stuff is now in the wild
hope i will code
better in the future

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2002-03-06