#2 Documentation


These libraries are all but useless to real companies
without documentation. Your library looked like the
only viable linux solution for us, but with absolutely
no documentation and not adhereing to apparent
guidelines to work with the gtkdoc script has left us
looking for some possible KDE counterpart or possibly a
different OS.


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    I'm sorry to hear that. It would be nice if some company
    could make a donation to the project so the developers (that
    are working for free and in their spare time) could spend
    more time on it ;-). With some knowledge of GTK and looking
    at the API and test programs included in the package you
    should be able to work with gtkextra without problems. At
    least you could spend some time trying to figure it out (if
    you are being paid for it), or contribute to the project
    writing some documentation based on your experience.
    Unfortunately sometimes I receive complains, but more often,
    offers to help and contribute. The documentation is in
    progress and available through CVS. Thank you for your
    interest in gtkextra and using open source and free software.

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    it has been over a year since a comment has been made about
    documentation, and still not even an API description that i
    can find. i suggest you use your "free time" to do an api
    description or something. i really want to use this
    package, but i have burnt a lot of hours trying to figure
    out how.

  • Fredy Paquet
    Fredy Paquet

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